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NA - Nord America 8998
EU - Europa 5795
AS - Asia 1411
AF - Africa 31
SA - Sud America 19
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 9
OC - Oceania 7
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 8737
IT - Italia 1971
SE - Svezia 1012
DE - Germania 935
CN - Cina 928
UA - Ucraina 714
VN - Vietnam 325
GB - Regno Unito 264
CA - Canada 253
IE - Irlanda 195
FR - Francia 146
FI - Finlandia 142
RU - Federazione Russa 88
AT - Austria 54
NL - Olanda 54
DK - Danimarca 49
CH - Svizzera 42
TR - Turchia 41
BE - Belgio 40
JP - Giappone 28
IN - India 25
IR - Iran 25
LV - Lettonia 20
ES - Italia 17
BR - Brasile 10
EG - Egitto 10
RO - Romania 9
BJ - Benin 8
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 8
HU - Ungheria 8
MX - Messico 8
PK - Pakistan 8
ID - Indonesia 7
AU - Australia 6
EU - Europa 6
MY - Malesia 6
PL - Polonia 6
NO - Norvegia 5
BG - Bulgaria 4
KR - Corea 4
PT - Portogallo 4
CL - Cile 3
HR - Croazia 3
SI - Slovenia 3
TN - Tunisia 3
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AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
AR - Argentina 2
BD - Bangladesh 2
CO - Colombia 2
GW - Guinea-Bissau 2
MU - Mauritius 2
RS - Serbia 2
SG - Singapore 2
TW - Taiwan 2
ZW - Zimbabwe 2
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AM - Armenia 1
EC - Ecuador 1
GE - Georgia 1
IQ - Iraq 1
KE - Kenya 1
LB - Libano 1
LK - Sri Lanka 1
MA - Marocco 1
MZ - Mozambico 1
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
TH - Thailandia 1
VE - Venezuela 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
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Ann Arbor 2293
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Jacksonville 836
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Frankfurt am Main 705
Milan 673
Fairfield 559
Dearborn 546
Houston 485
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Princeton 374
Ashburn 219
Nanjing 216
Dublin 193
Seattle 184
Cambridge 179
Dong Ket 165
Lachine 132
Beijing 79
Rome 72
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Toronto 63
Lawrence 60
Andover 59
Guangzhou 59
Nanchang 59
Shenyang 58
Vienna 54
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Jinan 41
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Ottawa 35
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Sacramento 29
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Ningbo 21
Brescia 19
Rezzato 19
Taizhou 19
Fremont 18
Padova 18
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Kunming 16
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Redmond 15
Shanghai 14
Napoli 13
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Auburn Hills 11
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Gardone Riviera 11
Udine 11
Bergamo 10
Montreal 10
Nürnberg 10
Phoenix 10
Edmonton 9
Hefei 9
Saint Paul 9
Xian 9
Changchun 8
Manerbio 8
Nagold 8
Parma 8
Segrate 8
Southend 8
Bovezzo 7
Helsinki 7
Bari 6
Cairo 6
Florence 6
Laurel 6
Pisa 6
Rochester 6
Round Rock 6
San Giuliano Milanese 6
Taiyuan 6
Bologna 5
Cagliari 5
Castellammare Di Stabia 5
Chengdu 5
Hanoi 5
Islamabad 5
Kiev 5
Leawood 5
Totale 11685
Nome #
The effects of irrigation on groundwater quality and quantity in a human-modified hydro-system: The Oglio River basin, Po Plain, northern Italy 259
Modelling the interactions between groundwater and the underground infrastructures using MODFLOW-USG and ArcGIS Pro: the case study of Milan metropolitan city 239
Pollutant sources in an arsenic-affected multilayer aquifer in the Po Plain of Italy: Implications for drinking-water supply 218
Groundwater/surface-water interactions and their effect on nitrate pollution in the Oglio River basin (N Italy) 216
3D reconstruction of the multi-layer aquifer in a Po Plain area 211
Groundwater contamination by Cr(VI) in the Aosta Plain (northern Italy): Characterization and preliminary modeling 211
Modeling groundwater/surface-water interactions in an Alpine valley (the Aosta Plain, NW Italy): the effect of groundwater abstraction on surface-water resources 209
Groundwater and surface water quality characterization with positive matrix factorization 207
Groundwater and surface water quality characterization through positive matrix factorization combined with GIS approach 205
Identification of groundwater pollution sources in a landfill site using artificial sweeteners, multivariate analysis and transport modeling 202
Groundwater level forecasting using linear time series modeling: the case study of the thermal aquifer system of Monsummano Terme (central Italy) 197
Chloride Balance in Freshwater System of a Highly Anthropized Subalpine Area: Load and Source Quantification Through a Watershed Approach 176
Hydrogeological characterization of a closed MSW landfill using multivariate statistical analysis and groundwater numerical modelling 172
Origine e dinamica della contaminazione da ferro, manganese, arsenico ed ammonio in acque sotterranee superficiali, il caso di Cremona 170
Interactions between river water and groundwater and their influences on river chemistry: the case study of Oglio River (northern Italy) 167
Sustainability evaluation of a medium scale GSHP system in a layered alluvial setting using 3D modeling suite 166
3D subsurface reconstruction in the lombardian Po plain for groundwater sustainable planning 162
Overlapping redox zones control arsenic pollution in Pleistocene multi-layer aquifers, the Po Plain (Italy) 157
Considering a threshold energy in reactive transport modeling of microbially mediated redox reactions in an arsenic-affected aquifer 153
Arsenic release and attenuation in a multilayer aquifer in the Po Plain (northern Italy): Reactive transport modeling 151
Determination of trigger levels for groundwater quality in landfills located in historically human-impacted areas 149
The hydrochemical database TANGCHIM, a tool to manage groundwater quality data: the case study of a leachate plume from a dumping area 149
Choosing between linear and nonlinear models and avoiding overfitting for short and long term groundwater level forecasting in a linear system 148
The hydrogeological well database TANGRAM©: a tool for data processing to support groundwater assessment [Banca dati idrogeologica TANGRAM©: strumento per elaborazioni quantitative di dati per la valutazione delle acque sotterranee] 146
Hydrogeological conceptual model of a highly impacted watershed: the case study of Oglio River (N Italy) 146
Caratterizzazione Idrogeologica della Pianura Bresciana mediante l’uso di Banche Dati e Sistemi Informativi Territoriali 144
A 3D Geodatabase for Urban Underground Infrastructures: Implementation and Application to Groundwater Management in Milan Metropolitan Area 144
Local refinement of a groundwater flow model aimed at assessing the environmental sustainability of a fish hatchery water supply 135
Relazioni temporali pluridecennali di dati pluviometrici, idrologici e piezometrici nella pianura lombarda tra Ticino e Oglio 133
Positive Matrix Factorization and GIS approach to perform data mining on groundwater and surface water quality dataset 132
Assessment of the groundwater quantitative status in the Aosta Plain (North-West Italy): applicability of the national guidelines defined by ISPRA 132
Groundwater flow modelling of the aosta plain in northern italy 129
Ricostruzione 3D della distribuzione delle tessiture nel sottosuolo della Pianura Lombarda centro-occidentale 129
Multivariate statistical analysis and numerical modelling for the hydrogeological and hydrochemical characterization of a closed MSW landfill: the case study of Vizzolo-Predabissi 127
Application of a hydrogeological model to analyze and manage groundwater processes in the urban environment: A case study in the Milan area, Italy 125
Three dimensional hydrogeological modelling application to the Alverà mudslide (Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy) 124
Origin of Arsenic in Groundwater from the Multilayer Aquifer in Cremona (Northern Italy) 124
Analysis and prediction of groundwater level time series with autoregressive linear models 122
Informatics tool to support quantitative groundwater assessment: the hydrogeological well database TANGRAM© 120
Land uses and freshwater system quality of Oglio River sublacual basin (Northern Italy) 120
Flowpath 2019 - Congresso Nazionale di Idrogeologia Milano, 12-14 giugno 2019 115
Numerical Modeling of Remediation Scenarios of a Groundwater Cr(VI) Plume in an Alpine Valley Aquifer 114
Determinazione dello stato quantitativo della falda nella piana di Aosta 114
Tangafric: a software for the estimation of textural and hydraulic properties in shallow aquifers from well logs in Senegal and Guinea 113
The 3-D parameter estimation using a well database and GOCAD 112
Numerical modeling of groundwater flooding in urban area: The case of polustrovo (st. petersburg, russia) 112
Database development and 3D modeling of textural variations in heterogeneous, unconsolidated aquifer media: application to the Milan plain 110
COMPSEC, a new tool to derive natural background levels by the component separation approach: Application in two different hydrogeological contexts in northern Italy 110
Classifying zones of suitability for manual drilling using textural and hydraulic parameters of shallow aquifers: a case study in northwestern Senegal 110
Integrated datasets, GIS and 3-D system analysis for environmental impact assessment in a large alpine valley north of Trento (Italy) 109
Hydrochemical characterization of groundwater and surface water supported by multivariate statistical analysis: a case study in the Po plain (in Italy) 108
Using isotopic and hydrochemical data to investigate groundwater recharge and discharge in a highly impacted watershed: the Oglio River, northern Italy 108
Fluvial and fluvioglacial systems in the Milan Plain 106
3-d subsoil parameterisation in a plan region of north italy 104
Integration of Stratigraphic Data, Pump Test and Geophysics for the Analysis of Shallow Unconsolidated Aquifers in West Africa and Identification of Suitable Condition for Manual Drilling 102
Developing a structured groundwater database for hydrogeological interpretation as a tool for sustainable groundwater management in Guinea-Bissau (W Africa) 102
3-D geology and geomorphology in the Brescia plain 101
Hydrogeological characterization and groundwater quality assessment in an atoll island (Magoodhoo Island of Faafu Atoll - Maldives) 100
Local natural background levels assessment through a groundwater redox zonation, the case of Lombardy Region 99
Modeling As release and attenuation by considering a threshold energy for microbially mediated redox reactions 98
Three-dimensional reconstruction of aquifer heterogeneity for modeling the transport of Cr(VI) in an Alpine alluvial aquifer 96
GIS and models for environmental applications in the montichiari area (Po Plain, Italy) 95
Simulation of redox conditions within a complex groundwater flow field in a glacial setting 95
Modellazione preliminare del flusso idrico sotterraneo e delle interazioni con le acque superficiali: piana di Aosta. Preliminary groundwater modelling by considering the interaction with superficial water: Aosta plain case (northern Italy) 94
Deriving Natural Background Levels of Arsenic at the Meso-Scale Using Site-Specific Datasets: An Unorthodox Method 94
Linear time series modelling for groundwater level forecasting: the case study of the fractured aquifer system of Monsummano terme (central Italy) 93
Effect of hydrological variations and land-use evolution on chloride trend: a long-term analysis in the Oglio River-Lake Iseo system (Northern Italy) 92
Estimation of groundwater volumes in the Adda-Oglio area (northern Italy) by 3D reconstruction of hydrogeological properties 91
Chloride increase in the deep south-Alpine lake Iseo (Northern Italy): load quantification and source identification with a watershed approach 91
Exploring biodiversity and arsenic metabolism of microbiota inhabiting arsenic-rich groundwaters in Northern Italy 91
3-D aquifer characteristics analysis using a well database and Gocad 90
Utilizzo del codice di calcolo MODFLOW nell’analisi del flusso idrico sotterraneo in condizioni geologiche complesse: il caso studio di un’area contaminata nella città di San Pietroburgo 90
Component separation approach to estimate natural background levels: a case study from the lower Po Plain (northern Italy) 90
Reconstruction of subsoil heterogeneity on provincial scale in Lombardy Region (Italy), using a well database 89
Natural background levels and threshold values of selected species in the alluvial aquifers in the Aosta Valley Region (N Italy) 89
Hydrogeological and hydrochemical characterization to assess wells vulnerability in the scope of Water Safety Plans, a case study in Northern Italy 89
The tunnel impact in an urban area: groundwater modelling to forecast it 88
The hydrogeological modelling in groundwater engineering structures 88
First results in identification of aquifer parameters by statistical analysis of water-well data reports 88
GIS and application of a hydrological model: a case study in the Milan area (Italy) 88
Evoluzione della dinamica piezometrica nell’area milanese in funzione di alcuni fattori socio economici 87
3D reconstructions of shallow aquifer heterogeneities on a regional scale 86
3d hydrogeological model of the po plain: a proposal 86
Modeling the unsatured zone for assessing groundwater recharge 86
Using Cl/Br ratios and water isotopes to trace aquifer recharge in a highly irrigated area, the Po Plain (N Italy) 86
Groundwater risk assessment: initial metodology for highly developed areas. Case study in the province of Milan 84
Optimization of a well system using the ground water management package of MODFLOW-2000 82
Characterization of shallow aquifers in Guinea Bissau to support the promotion of manual drilling at country level 82
Un data base per pozzi: TANGRAM 81
Groundwater database for sustainable water development in Guinea Bissau 81
An integrated theoretical and practical approach for teaching hydrogeology 80
Hydraulic Conductivity Assessment Within a Regional Groundwater Flow Model 79
Groundwater volume variations according to piezometric surface evolution 79
Promotion of manual drilling in Guinea 79
Mapping of suitable zones for manual drilling. An overview of the method and the application as decision tools 79
Freshwater system of coral inhabited island: Availability and vulnerability (Magoodhoo Island of Faafu Atoll – Maldives) 79
Long-term chloride quantification in a mixed-land-use watershed (Iseo-Oglio system) 78
A modelling approach to link surface water and groundwater management. 77
Linking local natural background levels in groundwater to their generating hydrogeochemical processes in Quaternary alluvial aquifers 77
Sistemi Informativi Territoriali per la valutazione del bilancio del sistema idrogeologico milanese 76
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