Distribuzione geografica
Continente #
NA - Nord America 6.729
EU - Europa 4.820
AS - Asia 1.250
AF - Africa 55
SA - Sud America 17
OC - Oceania 8
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 5
Totale 12.884
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 6.573
IT - Italia 1.778
DE - Germania 701
CN - Cina 675
SE - Svezia 636
IE - Irlanda 613
UA - Ucraina 330
HK - Hong Kong 199
GB - Regno Unito 187
VN - Vietnam 155
CA - Canada 149
FR - Francia 113
FI - Finlandia 93
IN - India 93
AT - Austria 68
RU - Federazione Russa 64
DK - Danimarca 49
BE - Belgio 44
CH - Svizzera 44
NL - Olanda 43
TR - Turchia 29
IR - Iran 23
JP - Giappone 22
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 12
ES - Italia 12
BR - Brasile 11
KZ - Kazakistan 11
EG - Egitto 10
ZA - Sudafrica 8
DZ - Algeria 7
MX - Messico 7
PK - Pakistan 7
PL - Polonia 7
ID - Indonesia 6
KR - Corea 6
MA - Marocco 6
NG - Nigeria 6
AU - Australia 5
RO - Romania 5
BG - Bulgaria 4
HU - Ungheria 4
IQ - Iraq 4
LY - Libia 4
MY - Malesia 4
ET - Etiopia 3
EU - Europa 3
GH - Ghana 3
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 3
PT - Portogallo 3
QA - Qatar 3
SG - Singapore 3
SI - Slovenia 3
TW - Taiwan 3
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
AL - Albania 2
AR - Argentina 2
CI - Costa d'Avorio 2
CO - Colombia 2
GW - Guinea-Bissau 2
HR - Croazia 2
RS - Serbia 2
ZW - Zimbabwe 2
A1 - Anonimo 1
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 1
AM - Armenia 1
BJ - Benin 1
CL - Cile 1
EC - Ecuador 1
GE - Georgia 1
KE - Kenya 1
LB - Libano 1
LK - Sri Lanka 1
NO - Norvegia 1
TH - Thailandia 1
Totale 12.884
Città #
Ann Arbor 1.709
Milan 620
Dublin 592
Chandler 561
Frankfurt am Main 493
Woodbridge 438
Fairfield 413
Jacksonville 382
Wilmington 328
Dearborn 318
Ashburn 312
Houston 308
New York 282
Princeton 206
Hong Kong 193
Seattle 150
Cambridge 139
Nanjing 119
Dong Ket 96
Rome 95
Shanghai 79
Beijing 65
Pune 65
Lachine 59
Vienna 53
Guangzhou 48
Altamura 43
Lawrence 42
Nanchang 42
Toronto 42
Brussels 41
Los Angeles 39
Andover 37
San Diego 37
Hangzhou 33
Shenyang 32
Tianjin 32
Lissone 29
Boardman 27
Changsha 27
Helsinki 27
Hebei 26
Torino 26
Albino 24
Bologna 23
Jinan 22
London 22
Zhengzhou 22
Jiaxing 21
Brescia 20
Ottawa 20
Sacramento 20
Rezzato 17
Norwalk 16
Fremont 15
Topeka 14
Borgoratto Mormorolo 13
Chicago 13
Ningbo 13
Chiari 12
Manerbio 12
Turin 12
Almaty 11
Falls Church 11
Gardone Riviera 11
Huizen 11
Innsbruck 11
Kunming 11
Montreal 11
Casalpusterlengo 10
Dallas 9
Napoli 9
Padova 9
Phoenix 9
Changchun 8
Edmonton 8
Nagold 8
Redmond 8
Taizhou 8
University Park 8
Amsterdam 7
Bardolino 7
Gorle 7
Mountain View 7
Parma 7
Vicenza 7
Wuhan 7
Aosta 6
Atlanta 6
Auburn Hills 6
Bengaluru 6
Bergamo 6
Birmingham 6
Cairo 6
Carate Brianza 6
Cattolica 6
Florence 6
L’Aquila 6
Mantova 6
Monza 6
Totale 9.334
Nome #
Modeling groundwater/surface-water interactions in an Alpine valley (the Aosta Plain, NW Italy): the effect of groundwater abstraction on surface-water resources 309
Multivariate statistical analysis supporting the hydrochemical characterization of groundwater and surface water: a case study in northern Italy 293
The effects of irrigation on groundwater quality and quantity in a human-modified hydro-system: The Oglio River basin, Po Plain, northern Italy 289
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Groundwater and surface water quality characterization with positive matrix factorization 251
Pollutant sources in an arsenic-affected multilayer aquifer in the Po Plain of Italy: Implications for drinking-water supply 236
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Groundwater and surface water quality characterization through positive matrix factorization combined with GIS approach 225
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Interactions between river water and groundwater and their influences on river chemistry: the case study of Oglio River (northern Italy) 192
Hydrogeological characterization of a closed MSW landfill using multivariate statistical analysis and groundwater numerical modelling 189
Sustainability evaluation of a medium scale GSHP system in a layered alluvial setting using 3D modeling suite 181
3D subsurface reconstruction in the lombardian Po plain for groundwater sustainable planning 177
Overlapping redox zones control arsenic pollution in Pleistocene multi-layer aquifers, the Po Plain (Italy) 175
Arsenic release and attenuation in a multilayer aquifer in the Po Plain (northern Italy): Reactive transport modeling 172
Considering a threshold energy in reactive transport modeling of microbially mediated redox reactions in an arsenic-affected aquifer 169
Determination of trigger levels for groundwater quality in landfills located in historically human-impacted areas 168
Hydrogeological conceptual model of a highly impacted watershed: the case study of Oglio River (N Italy) 167
A 3D Geodatabase for Urban Underground Infrastructures: Implementation and Application to Groundwater Management in Milan Metropolitan Area 167
The hydrochemical database TANGCHIM, a tool to manage groundwater quality data: the case study of a leachate plume from a dumping area 163
The hydrogeological well database TANGRAM©: a tool for data processing to support groundwater assessment [Banca dati idrogeologica TANGRAM©: strumento per elaborazioni quantitative di dati per la valutazione delle acque sotterranee] 161
Choosing between linear and nonlinear models and avoiding overfitting for short and long term groundwater level forecasting in a linear system 160
Multivariate statistical analysis and numerical modelling for the hydrogeological and hydrochemical characterization of a closed MSW landfill: the case study of Vizzolo-Predabissi 153
Local refinement of a groundwater flow model aimed at assessing the environmental sustainability of a fish hatchery water supply 151
Positive Matrix Factorization and GIS approach to perform data mining on groundwater and surface water quality dataset 150
Ricostruzione 3D della distribuzione delle tessiture nel sottosuolo della Pianura Lombarda centro-occidentale 150
Assessment of the groundwater quantitative status in the Aosta Plain (North-West Italy): applicability of the national guidelines defined by ISPRA 147
Groundwater flow modelling of the aosta plain in northern italy 140
Land uses and freshwater system quality of Oglio River sublacual basin (Northern Italy) 139
Informatics tool to support quantitative groundwater assessment: the hydrogeological well database TANGRAM© 137
Origin of Arsenic in Groundwater from the Multilayer Aquifer in Cremona (Northern Italy) 137
Hydrochemical characterization of groundwater and surface water supported by multivariate statistical analysis: a case study in the Po plain (in Italy) 134
Numerical Modeling of Remediation Scenarios of a Groundwater Cr(VI) Plume in an Alpine Valley Aquifer 134
Fluvial and fluvioglacial systems in the Milan Plain 133
Classifying zones of suitability for manual drilling using textural and hydraulic parameters of shallow aquifers: a case study in northwestern Senegal 133
Using isotopic and hydrochemical data to investigate groundwater recharge and discharge in a highly impacted watershed: the Oglio River, northern Italy 131
Utilizzo del codice di calcolo MODFLOW nell’analisi del flusso idrico sotterraneo in condizioni geologiche complesse: il caso studio di un’area contaminata nella città di San Pietroburgo 125
COMPSEC, a new tool to derive natural background levels by the component separation approach: Application in two different hydrogeological contexts in northern Italy 124
Local natural background levels assessment through a groundwater redox zonation, the case of Lombardy Region 124
Numerical modeling of groundwater flooding in urban area: The case of polustrovo (st. petersburg, russia) 122
Modellazione preliminare del flusso idrico sotterraneo e delle interazioni con le acque superficiali: piana di Aosta. Preliminary groundwater modelling by considering the interaction with superficial water: Aosta plain case (northern Italy) 119
Integration of Stratigraphic Data, Pump Test and Geophysics for the Analysis of Shallow Unconsolidated Aquifers in West Africa and Identification of Suitable Condition for Manual Drilling 116
Effect of hydrological variations and land-use evolution on chloride trend: a long-term analysis in the Oglio River-Lake Iseo system (Northern Italy) 115
Modeling As release and attenuation by considering a threshold energy for microbially mediated redox reactions 114
Using Cl/Br ratios and water isotopes to trace aquifer recharge in a highly irrigated area, the Po Plain (N Italy) 114
Chloride increase in the deep south-Alpine lake Iseo (Northern Italy): load quantification and source identification with a watershed approach 113
Hydrogeological and hydrochemical characterization to assess wells vulnerability in the scope of Water Safety Plans, a case study in Northern Italy 113
Three-dimensional reconstruction of aquifer heterogeneity for modeling the transport of Cr(VI) in an Alpine alluvial aquifer 111
Freshwater system of coral inhabited island: Availability and vulnerability (Magoodhoo Island of Faafu Atoll – Maldives) 109
Estimation of groundwater volumes in the Adda-Oglio area (northern Italy) by 3D reconstruction of hydrogeological properties 107
Data-driven decision management of urban underground infrastructure through groundwater-level time-series cluster analysis: the case of Milan (Italy) 107
Fenomeno di inquinamento da solventi in acque sotterranee sfruttate ad uso potabile nel nord-ovest della provincia di Milano 105
Component separation approach to estimate natural background levels: a case study from the lower Po Plain (northern Italy) 104
Changes in Shallow Groundwater Recharge Due to Drought Impacting the Po River Basin 103
Approccio metodologico nell'analisi di fenomeni di contaminazione da Arsenico, Ferro e Manganese nelle falde superficiali, il caso del territorio di Cremona 102
Natural background levels and threshold values of selected species in the alluvial aquifers in the Aosta Valley Region (N Italy) 102
Characterization of shallow aquifers in Guinea Bissau to support the promotion of manual drilling at country level 98
Acqua invisibile in città: acqua sotterranea 97
An integrated theoretical and practical approach for teaching hydrogeology 97
Long-term chloride quantification in a mixed-land-use watershed (Iseo-Oglio system) 97
Linking local natural background levels in groundwater to their generating hydrogeochemical processes in Quaternary alluvial aquifers 97
Modeling the unsatured zone for assessing groundwater recharge 96
Parametrizzazione 3D e modelli idrogeologici del sottosuolo della Pianura Lombarda, con particolare riferimento alla Provincia di Milano 95
Severe disseminated toxoplasmosis after unrelated bone marrow transplantation: a case report 94
Optimization of a well system using the ground water management package of MODFLOW-2000 94
Groundwater flow & transport models for an oil polluted area in the city of Saint Petersbourg (Russia) 93
Promotion of manual drilling in Guinea 93
Mapping of suitable zones for manual drilling. An overview of the method and the application as decision tools 93
Shuvalovo contamined site analysis with groundwater flow and transport mathematical models 92
Groundwater database for sustainable water development in Guinea Bissau 92
Tree-ring δ18O from an alpine catchment reveals changes in glacier stream water inputs between 1980 and 2010 92
Nitrate leaching through the unsaturated zone following pig slurry applicatons 89
The Shallow Aquifer in a Plain Area of Northern Italy: Estimation of the Fresh Water Stocked in the Subsoil 89
Assessment of groundwater availability in the Milan Province aquifers 89
Il progetto GeTraMiN:" Controllo della enesi, trasformazione e migrazione dei nitrati dal suolo alle acque superficiali e sotteranee 88
Derivation of preliminary natural background levels for naturally Mn, Fe, As and NH4+ rich groundwater: the case study of Cremona area (Northern Italy) 88
Caratterizzazione e modellizzazione del Non Saturo nella protezione del suolo e delle acque 86
Modello 3D del sottosuolo della Pianura Padana: analisi degli effetti della variabilità delle precipitazioni sulle acque sotterranee in un'area lombarda 86
Procedure to manage potential groundwater contamination by arsenic, iron and manganese in lower Po Plain: a proposal from the case study of Cremona 86
Approccio metodologico nell'analisi di fenomeni di contaminazione da Arsenico, Ferro e Manganese nelle falde superficiali: il caso del territorio di Cremona 84
An integrated approach to asses origin and mobilization of As, Fe and Mn in groundwater: the case study of Cremona (northern Italy) 84
Fenomeno di inquinamento da solventi in acque sotterranee sfruttate ad uso potabile nel Nord-Ovest della provincia di Milano 82
Modellizzazione del bilancio idrico ed azotato della pianura Reggiana per la valutazioine della capacità di attenuazione dei suoli all'inquinamento delle acque sotterranee da nitrati di origine agricola 81
Promotion of manual drilling in Guinea Bissau: mapping suitable zones and estimating the potential 81
Groundwater mathematical flow model for Polustrovo pilot area 79
Using the hydrochemical database TANGCHIM to manage groundwater quality data: the case study of a leachate plume from a dumping area 78
Un'applicazione metodologica di delimitazione delle fasce di rispetto dei pozzi per acqua in aree di pianura 77
Preliminary conceptual model of groundwater contamination by Mn, Fe, & As in a multi-layer alluvial aquifer, the case study of Cremona (Northern Italy) 76
Assessment of groundwater quantitative status: implementation on the Aosta Plain aquifer 76
Preliminary groundwater flow model of the Aosta valley aquifer (Northern italy) 75
Presenza di ammonio e metalli nelle acque sotterranee in Provincia di Cremona 75
Groundwater quality characterization of Cremona area (northern Italy) affected by As, Fe and Mn contamination, combining hydrochemical analysis and aquifer texture modeling 74
How to manage potential groundwater contaminations by As, Fe and Mn in lower Po Plain: a proposal from the case study of Cremona [Come gestire potenziali contaminazioni da As, Fe e Mn nelle acque sotterranee della bassa Pianura Padana: una proposta dal caso studio di Cremona] 72
Assessment of the chemical status of the alluvial aquifer in the Aosta Plain: an example of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Italy 72
Hydraulic conductivity estimations in the Aosta alluvial aquifer based on well logs 70
Exploring climate change impact on groundwater supporting a medium and long term water management planning, a case study in Northern Italy 70
Modeling groundwater/surface-water interactions and their effects on hydraulic barriers, the case of the industrial area of Mantua (Italy) [Modellazione delle interazioni tra acque superficiali e sotterranee e loro effetto sulle barriere idrauliche, il caso dell’area industriale di Mantova] 69
Totale 12.920
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2020/20212.415 135 60 235 249 172 241 327 241 178 176 137 264
2021/20221.411 144 174 127 173 63 102 61 56 62 82 153 214
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