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Prebiotic effect of maitake extract on a probiotic consortium and its action after microbial fermentation on colorectal cell lines 01 - Articolo su rivista 2021 De Giani A.Bovio F.Forcella M. E.Lasagni M.Fusi P.Di Gennaro P.
Recent Trends on Biosurfactants With Antimicrobial Activity Produced by Bacteria Associated With Human Health: Different Perspectives on Their Properties, Challenges, and Potential Applications 01 - Articolo su rivista 2021 De Giani, AlessandraZampolli, JessicaDi Gennaro, Patrizia
Artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus L.) by-products as a source of inulin: how to valorise an agricultural supply chain extracting an added-value compound 01 - Articolo su rivista 2020 Guzzetti L.Regonesi M. E.Di Gennaro P.Magoni C.Campone L.Labra M.Bruni I. +
Biodegradation of naphthenic acids: identification of Rhodococcus opacus R7 genes as molecular markers for environmental monitoring and their application in slurry microcosms 01 - Articolo su rivista 2020 Zampolli J.Di Canito A.Collina E.Lasagni M.Di Gennaro P. +
Identification of a bacteriocin-like compound from Lactobacillus plantarum with antimicrobial activity and effects on normal and cancerogenic human intestinal cells 01 - Articolo su rivista 2019 DE GIANI, ALESSANDRABOVIO, FEDERICAForcella M.Fusi P.Di Gennaro P. +
PVP-co-DMAEMA as Novel Polymeric Coating Material for Probiotic Supplements Delivery 01 - Articolo su rivista 2019 D'Orazio, GiuseppeDe Giani, AlessandraZampolli, JessicaZeaiter, ZahraaDi Gennaro, PatriziaLa Ferla, Barbara
Extraction and characterization of inulin-type fructans from artichoke wastes and their effect on the growth of intestinal bacteria associated with health 01 - Articolo su rivista 2019 Zeaiter Z.Regonesi M. E.Labra M.Di Gennaro P. +
Genome analysis and -omics approaches provide new insights into the biodegradation potential of Rhodococcus 01 - Articolo su rivista 2019 Zampolli J.Zeaiter Z.Di Canito A.Di Gennaro P.
Genome-based analysis for the identification of genes involved in o-xylene degradation in Rhodococcus opacus R7 01 - Articolo su rivista 2018 DI CANITO, ALESSANDRAZampolli, JMilanesi, LDi Gennaro, P +
Polyphenol Polymerization by an Alternative Oxidative Microbial Enzyme and Characterization of the Biological Activity of Oligomers 01 - Articolo su rivista 2018 Di Gennaro, Patrizia +
Cellulose nanocrystals as promising nano-devices in the biomedical field 02 - Intervento a convegno 2018 La Ferla, BZoia, LDi Gennaro, P +
Cellulose nanocrystals are effective in inhibiting host cell bacterial adhesion 01 - Articolo su rivista 2017 D'ORAZIO, GIUSEPPEZAMPOLLI, JESSICAFORCELLA, MATILDE EMMAZOIA, LUCAFUSI, PAOLA ALESSANDRADI GENNARO, PATRIZIALA FERLA, BARBARA +
Orally administered multispecies probiotic formulations to prevent uro-genital infections: a randomized placebo-controlled pilot study 01 - Articolo su rivista 2017 MEZZASALMA, VALERIOFERRI, EMANUELEDI GENNARO, PATRIZIALABRA, MASSIMO +
A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial: The Efficacy of Multispecies Probiotic Supplementation in Alleviating Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Associated with Constipation 01 - Articolo su rivista 2016 MEZZASALMA, VALERIOFERRI, EMANUELESANDIONIGI, ANNALA FERLA, BARBARALABRA, MASSIMODI GENNARO, PATRIZIA +
Phenotype microarray analysis may unravel genetic determinants of the stress response by Rhodococcus aetherivorans BCP1 and Rhodococcus opacus R7 01 - Articolo su rivista 2016 ZAMPOLLI, JESSICADi Canito, ADI GENNARO, PATRIZIA +
Genome and phenotype microarray analyses of rhodococcus sp. BCP1 and rhodococcus opacus R7: Genetic determinants and metabolic abilities with environmental relevance 01 - Articolo su rivista 2015 DI CANITO, ALESSANDRAZAMPOLLI, JESSICACOLLINA, ELENA MARIADI GENNARO, PATRIZIA +
Evaluation of the probiotic properties of new Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains and their in vitro effect 01 - Articolo su rivista 2015 PRESTI, ILARIAD'ORAZIO, GIUSEPPELABRA, MASSIMOLA FERLA, BARBARAMEZZASALMA, VALERIODI GENNARO, PATRIZIA +
Microencapsulation of new probiotic formulations for gastrointestinal delivery: in vitro study to assess viability and biological properties 01 - Articolo su rivista 2015 D'ORAZIO, GIUSEPPEDI GENNARO, PATRIZIAPRESTI, ILARIALABRA, MASSIMOLA FERLA, BARBARA +
Genome Sequence of Rhodococcus opacus Strain R7, a Biodegrader of Mono- and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 01 - Articolo su rivista 2014 Di Gennaro, PZampolli, J +
Purification of recombinant catalase-peroxidase HPI from E. coli and its application in enzymatic polymerization reactions 01 - Articolo su rivista 2014 DI GENNARO, PATRIZIA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 83
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