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NA - Nord America 10395
EU - Europa 6548
AS - Asia 1792
SA - Sud America 80
AF - Africa 46
OC - Oceania 45
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 15
Totale 18921
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 10117
IT - Italia 2414
CN - Cina 1030
DE - Germania 977
SE - Svezia 931
UA - Ucraina 569
GB - Regno Unito 333
IE - Irlanda 296
CA - Canada 274
VN - Vietnam 272
FR - Francia 207
DK - Danimarca 133
RO - Romania 124
FI - Finlandia 112
RU - Federazione Russa 102
AT - Austria 98
IN - India 80
PS - Palestinian Territory 80
NL - Olanda 78
IL - Israele 75
JO - Giordania 55
TR - Turchia 52
AU - Australia 39
BR - Brasile 34
IR - Iran 30
CH - Svizzera 27
BE - Belgio 25
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 20
ES - Italia 19
ID - Indonesia 18
BG - Bulgaria 17
CO - Colombia 16
JP - Giappone 14
ZA - Sudafrica 14
EU - Europa 13
PE - Perù 13
CL - Cile 12
EG - Egitto 11
MY - Malesia 11
PL - Polonia 11
GR - Grecia 10
HK - Hong Kong 10
PH - Filippine 9
HU - Ungheria 8
TH - Thailandia 8
KR - Corea 7
PT - Portogallo 7
BD - Bangladesh 6
CY - Cipro 6
HR - Croazia 6
LT - Lituania 6
KH - Cambogia 5
NE - Niger 5
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 5
SC - Seychelles 5
ET - Etiopia 4
MT - Malta 4
SA - Arabia Saudita 4
SG - Singapore 4
GH - Ghana 3
MX - Messico 3
NO - Norvegia 3
PK - Pakistan 3
QA - Qatar 3
SI - Slovenia 3
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 3
A1 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A1??? 2
AR - Argentina 2
MD - Moldavia 2
NP - Nepal 2
PY - Paraguay 2
TW - Taiwan 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
AL - Albania 1
CI - Costa d'Avorio 1
FJ - Figi 1
FK - Isole Falkland (Malvinas) 1
GE - Georgia 1
IQ - Iraq 1
KE - Kenya 1
LB - Libano 1
LV - Lettonia 1
MO - Macao, regione amministrativa speciale della Cina 1
NG - Nigeria 1
OM - Oman 1
PR - Porto Rico 1
RS - Serbia 1
TN - Tunisia 1
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Ann Arbor 2439
Fairfield 947
Frankfurt am Main 822
Woodbridge 794
Wilmington 670
Jacksonville 666
Chandler 658
Houston 561
Dearborn 548
Princeton 511
Milan 476
Ashburn 376
Seattle 340
Cambridge 295
Dublin 281
Nanjing 265
Dong Ket 126
Altamura 118
Lawrence 117
Lachine 99
Rome 94
San Diego 92
Nanchang 89
Andover 84
Beijing 81
Vienna 76
Boardman 70
Shenyang 70
Toronto 58
Horia 54
Guangzhou 52
Hebei 51
Fremont 50
Sacramento 48
Tianjin 43
Ottawa 41
Changsha 40
Norwalk 40
Jinan 39
Huizen 37
Jiaxing 37
Mountain View 34
Redmond 34
Ardea 32
Falls Church 30
Hangzhou 30
Ningbo 30
Zhengzhou 30
Kunming 28
Padova 28
Ramallah 24
San Jose 24
Saint Petersburg 22
Florence 21
Bologna 20
London 19
Torino 19
Brussels 18
Dallas 17
Hefei 17
Mumbai 17
University Park 17
Edmonton 14
Trento 14
Bari 13
Lanzhou 13
Shanghai 13
Taizhou 13
Meda 12
Paris 12
San Mateo 12
Biandronno 11
Genoa 11
Istanbul 11
Los Angeles 11
Palermo 11
Trieste 11
Auburn Hills 10
Chicago 10
Kiev 10
Nelson 10
Phoenix 10
Rho 10
Sassuolo 10
Bergamo 9
Brescia 9
Haikou 9
Helsinki 9
Leawood 9
Lodi 9
Napoli 9
New York 9
Como 8
Garbagnate Milanese 8
New Delhi 8
Orangeville 8
Pavullo Nel Frignano 8
Wuhan 8
Berlin 7
Brindisi 7
Totale 13252
Nome #
Rapid Response to: Managing mental health challenges faced by healthcare workers during covid-19 pandemic 436
MIND-VR: Design and Evaluation Protocol of a Virtual Reality Psychoeducational Experience on Stress and Anxiety for the Psychological Support of Healthcare Workers Involved in the COVID-19 Pandemic 228
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Positive experience, psychological functioning, and hope for the future as factors associated with mental health among young Sub-Saharan internally displaced people (IDP): A quantitative pilot study 135
Fuel and Gazan hospitals: Israeli siege and the politics of permanent emergency 134
Agency and life satisfaction in Bedouin children exposed to conditions of chronic stress and military violence: A two-wave longitudinal study in Palestine 129
Cross-cultural adaptation, psychometric proprieties and factor structure of the Multidimensional Student Life Satisfaction Scale (MSLSS): A study with Palestinian children living in refugee camps 128
Life satisfaction and trauma in clinical and non-clinical children living in a war-torn environment: a discriminant analysis 125
A mixed-method exploration of agency and well-being in a group of Palestinian children living under military oppression and political violence: the role of gender and living contexts 125
RECOVERY (MENTAL HEALTH) FUND? L’eredità basigliana all’ombra della sindemia Covid-19 124
Living in condition of chronic stress and military violence: agency and life satisfaction in Bedouin children in Palestine. 124
Cognitive avoidance, humiliation and narcissism in non-clinical individuals: An experimental study 121
Providing mental health services for Palestinians in Gaza: Integrating a public health and human rights approach 120
Risk and Protective Factors Among Palestinian Women Living in a Context of Prolonged Armed Conflict and Political Oppression 120
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Disturbi alimentari e organizzazione del significato: un contributo empirico 104
Family crisis intervention in war contexts: a case study of a traumatised Palestinian family 103
Measuring subjective well-being: development of the Subjective Well-being Assessment Scale in West Bank and Gaza Strip 102
Narrating hope and resistance: A critical analysis of sources of agency among Palestinian children living under military violence 102
Letter to the editor: Covid 19 in Palestine under Israeli occupation 102
Fear of Flying: personal constructs and attachment style 101
Il paradigma narrativo in azione: approcci clinici e metodi di analisi dei testi e delle storie 101
Narratives from Jenin Refugee Camp: Children as extreme defence against the disintegration of family and community 100
Agency and activism among Palestinian children living under military violence. A qualitative inquiry 100
L'approccio sistemico-narrativo al suicidio e ai problemi adolescenziali 98
Eating disorders and construction of meaning 98
The interplay of paradigms: Decolonizing a psychology curriculum in the context of the siege of Gaza 98
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My happiness is the refugee camp, my future Palestine: optimism, life satisfaction and perceived happiness in a group of Palestinian children 94
Attachment styles and construction of self in a clinical group of aerophobic: a pilot study 94
Positive and Negative Affect in Children Living in Refugee Camps: Assessing the Psychometric Proprieties and Factorial Invariance of the PANAS-C in the Gaza Strip 94
Narcisismo e rappresentazione di sé: uno studio attraverso l’autocaratterizzazione 93
Aspetti di resilienza e cadute traumatiche in operatori della salute mentale in contesti di violenza militare: un confronto tra West Bank e Gaza Strip 93
Benessere psicologico, trauma secondario e risorse personali negli operatori sanitari impiegati in zone di crisi politica e militare: uno studio nei territori Palestinesi 93
Evaluation of process of change in a systemic psychotherapy: a single case study 92
Postcolonial perspectives on aid systems in multicultural contexts: Palestine and Uganda 91
The "educational-psychosocial approach" to overcoming social exclusion in israeli schools 91
Can Sense of Coherence Moderate Traumatic Reactions? A Cross-Sectional Study of Palestinian Helpers Operating in War Contexts 90
Well-being, symptoms of trauma and personal resources in Palestinian professional helpers: a cross-sectional quantitative survey 90
Impact of attachment style on representation of death in children 89
Survival and Resilience Among Palestinian Women: A Qualitative Analysis Using Individual and Collective Life Events Calendars 89
Growing-up amidst Military Violence: Socio-Ecological Implication of Resilience in Palestine 87
“We must cooperate with one another against the Enemy”: Agency and activism in school-aged children as protective factors against ongoing war trauma and political violence in the Gaza Strip 87
Bias, equivoci interculturali e pregiudizi: una proposta di gestione coordinata dei significati nell'interazione tra diverse biografie ediverse culture 86
Positive emotions and life satisfaction in Palestinian children growing-up amidst political and military violence. 86
Measuring Well-Being in Israel and Palestine: The Subjective Well-Being Assessment Scale 85
Between happiness and sorrow: Phenomenal characteristics of autobiographical memories concerning war episodes and positive events in the Gaza Strip 85
Psychometric proprieties of the Child Health Questionnaire in an Arabic-speaking context: A multi-trait and multi-sample study 85
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Salute mentale e diritto umanitario, una prospettiva tra Gaza e Niger 84
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Teaching in conflict contexts: dimensions of subjective well-being in Arab teachers living in Israel and Palestine 83
La fobia del volo: Costrutti semantici e stili di attaccamento 82
Totale 12274
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