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NA - Nord America 12180
EU - Europa 6503
AS - Asia 1704
AF - Africa 77
SA - Sud America 25
OC - Oceania 16
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 7
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 11810
IT - Italia 1786
SE - Svezia 1301
CN - Cina 1124
UA - Ucraina 1021
DE - Germania 879
CA - Canada 365
VN - Vietnam 340
GB - Regno Unito 320
IE - Irlanda 256
FR - Francia 219
FI - Finlandia 200
TR - Turchia 137
AT - Austria 114
NL - Olanda 93
RU - Federazione Russa 85
MA - Marocco 62
CH - Svizzera 60
BE - Belgio 41
DK - Danimarca 41
JP - Giappone 30
BR - Brasile 18
IR - Iran 16
AU - Australia 15
ES - Italia 13
IN - India 13
NO - Norvegia 13
RO - Romania 13
MT - Malta 12
MU - Mauritius 7
PK - Pakistan 7
BG - Bulgaria 6
EU - Europa 6
TW - Taiwan 6
GR - Grecia 5
KR - Corea 5
MX - Messico 5
AR - Argentina 4
ID - Indonesia 4
PL - Polonia 4
SA - Arabia Saudita 4
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 3
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 3
HK - Hong Kong 3
KG - Kirghizistan 3
SI - Slovenia 3
BJ - Benin 2
EG - Egitto 2
HR - Croazia 2
LU - Lussemburgo 2
LV - Lettonia 2
MY - Malesia 2
RS - Serbia 2
SG - Singapore 2
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AF - Afghanistan, Repubblica islamica di 1
BO - Bolivia 1
BY - Bielorussia 1
CL - Cile 1
CM - Camerun 1
DZ - Algeria 1
EC - Ecuador 1
EE - Estonia 1
HU - Ungheria 1
LA - Repubblica Popolare Democratica del Laos 1
LB - Libano 1
LT - Lituania 1
MD - Moldavia 1
MK - Macedonia 1
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
PT - Portogallo 1
SC - Seychelles 1
TH - Thailandia 1
TN - Tunisia 1
UZ - Uzbekistan 1
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Ann Arbor 2891
Woodbridge 1491
Jacksonville 1130
Houston 962
Chandler 936
Frankfurt am Main 737
Dearborn 723
Fairfield 587
Princeton 527
Wilmington 475
Milan 365
Nanjing 262
Dublin 255
Ashburn 211
Seattle 204
Dong Ket 186
Lachine 185
Cambridge 169
Beijing 144
Toronto 85
Andover 81
Hebei 78
Guangzhou 74
Vienna 69
Nanchang 66
Shenyang 66
San Diego 64
Ottawa 61
Lawrence 58
Philadelphia 58
Tianjin 54
Jinan 51
Changsha 49
Rome 48
Huizen 47
Altamura 46
Torino 44
Falls Church 41
Zhengzhou 39
Jiaxing 35
Norwalk 35
Padova 33
Boardman 32
Bologna 30
Sacramento 29
University Park 28
Ningbo 26
Innsbruck 24
Brussels 23
Chicago 22
Freiburg 22
Taizhou 22
Kocaeli 21
Montpellier 19
Trieste 19
Dallas 18
Edmonton 18
Geneva 18
Hangzhou 18
Kunming 18
Mountain View 18
Napoli 18
Bergamo 16
Shanghai 15
Redmond 14
Fremont 13
San Mateo 13
Aosta 12
Savigno 12
Zurich 12
Florence 11
Genova 11
Hefei 11
London 11
Los Angeles 11
Turin 11
Como 10
Gallarate 10
Leawood 10
Verona 10
Auburn Hills 9
Brescia 9
Cuggiono 9
Lanzhou 9
Paris 9
Aberdeen 8
Chengdu 8
Laurel 8
Wuhan 8
Enschede 7
Leuven 7
Olgiate Comasco 7
Parma 7
Renton 7
Rozzano 7
Sion 7
Treviso 7
Cantù 6
Chieti 6
Cologno Monzese 6
Totale 14529
Nome #
Geological outline of the Alps 309
Imaging shallow gas migration pathways in a mud‐volcano province using an autonomous underwater vehicle (Malta Plateau, Mediterranean Sea) 206
Carta Geologico-strutturale del Basamento Sudalpino del Lago di Como con Elementi sul Dissesto Idrogeologico / Structural Map of the South-Alpine Basement in the Como Lake Area with Elements of Land Surface Instability 202
Late Oligocene to Pliocene extension in the Maltese Islands and implications for geodynamics of the Pantelleria Rift and Pelagian Platform 184
3D multi-scale characterization of fractured carbonates in field analogues on the Maltese Islands: workflow and preliminary results 183
2D and 3D reconstruction and geomechanical characterization of kilometre-scale complex folded structures 179
On a new robust workflow for the statistical and spatial analysis of fracture data collected with scanlines (or the importance of stationarity) 174
The Aosta-Ranzola extensional fault system and Oligocene-Present evolution of the Austroalpine-Penninic wedge in the northwestern Alps 173
Investigating Representative Elementary Volume of a fracture network from outcrop data to drive Discrete Fracture Network modeling 170
From 2D fracture trace interpretation to 3D fracture surfaces on a 3D Digital outcrop Model: Python implementation thanks to GoPy and case studies in fractured carbonates 167
On the nucleation of non-Andersonian faults along phyllosilicate-rich mylonite belts 164
A structural and geophysical approach to the study of fractured aquifers in the Scansano-Magliano in Toscana Ridge, southern Tuscany, Italy 160
Scaling in natural and laboratory earthquakes 157
Structure of a normal seismogenic fault zone in carbonates: The Vado di Corno Fault, Campo Imperatore, Central Apennines (Italy) 157
Note Illustrative della Carta Geologica d'Italia - Foglio 91 Chatillon 155
Post-nappe brittle tectonics and kinematic evolution of the north-western Alps: an integrated approach 153
Structural and geological mapping of the Gran Sometta-Tournalin ridge (Aosta Valley, Italy) 153
A robust non-parametric statistical approach to characterize fracture spatial distribution 150
Fault reactivation and propagation in the northern Adamello pluton: The structure and kinematics of a kilometre-scale seismogenic source 149
3D fold and fault reconstruction with an uncertainty model: an example from an alpine tunnel case study 147
Damage zone characterization combining scan-line and scan-area analysis on a km-scale Digital Outcrop Model: The Qala Fault (Gozo) 144
Miocene to Present kinematics of the NW-Alps: evidences from remote sensing, structural analysis, seismotectonics and thermochronology 142
Three-dimensional characterization of a crustal-scale fault zone: the Pusteria and Sprechenstein fault system (Eastern Alps) 142
Mechanical Stratigraphy Controls Width of Damage Zone in Normal Faults: an Example from Carbonates of the Island of Gozo (Malta) 141
PZero: a new open-source Python geomodelling platform 141
A 3D geological model of the 1963 Vajont landslide 138
Quantitative characterization of fracture networks on Digital Outcrop Models obtained from avionic and terrestrial laser scanner 138
A geological explanation for intraplate earthquake clustering complexity: The zeolite-bearing fault/fracture networks in the Adamello Massif (Southern Italian Alps) 135
Seismic response and properties of non-stratabound dolostone reservoirs: scenario evaluation 135
The timescale of solid-state deformation in the Northern Adamello igneous intrusive suite 135
A 3D geological model of the 1963 Vajont landslide 134
Photogrammetric Digital Outcrop Model analysis of a segment of the Centovalli Line (Trontano, Italy) 134
Carta Geologica d’Italia - Foglio 070 Monte Cervino 133
Extensional tectonics and volcano lateral collapses: insights from Ollague volcano (Chile-Bolivia) and analogue modelling. 132
Early Miocene to Pliocene multiphase extension in the Maltese Islands and implications for the geodynamic evolution of the Pelagian platform and of the Pantelleria rift system 132
Structural complexity and mechanics of a shallow crustal seismogenic source (Vado di Corno Fault Zone, Italy) 130
G: Fracture energy, friction and dissipation in earthquakes 129
Geological and structural map of the southeastern Pag Island, Croatia: field constraints on the Cretaceous – Eocene evolution of the Dinarides foreland 128
Photogrammetric digital outcrop reconstruction, visualization with textured surfaces, and three-dimensional structural analysis and modeling: Innovative methodologies applied to fault-related dolomitization (Vajont Limestone, Southern Alps, Italy) 127
Evidences of an Ordovician magmatic cycle in the Ossola-Ticino basement (Central Alps, Italy). 126
Geology of the Brenner Pass-Fortezza transect, Italian Eastern Alps 121
Slip-tendency analysis as a tool to constrain the mechanical properties of anisotropic rocks 121
The Structure of an Exhumed Intraplate Seismogenic Fault in Crystalline Basement 119
The relationship between microfracture damage and the physical properties of fault-related rocks: The Gole Larghe Fault Zone, Italian Southern Alps 119
Misoriented faults in exhumed metamorphic complexes: rule or exception? 117
Inferring earthquake physics and chemistry using an integrated field and laboratory approach 117
Carta geotettonica della Valle d’Aosta. 115
Weakness and mechanical anisotropy of phyllosilicate-rich cataclasites developed after mylonites of a low-angle normal fault (Simplon Line, Western Alps) 114
The seismogenic Gole Larghe Fault Zone (Italian Southern Alps): quantitative 3D characterization of the fault/fracture network, mapping of evidences of fluid-rock interaction, and modelling of the hydraulic structure through the seismic cycle 114
Semi-automatic mapping of fault rocks on a Digital Outcrop Model, Gole Larghe Fault Zone (Southern Alps, Italy) 114
Seismic Response and Properties of Non-Stratabound Dolostone Reservoirs: Scenario Evaluation 112
1963 Vajont rock slide: a comparison between 3D DEM and 3D FEM 110
Combined photogrammetric techniques with classical structural surveys: a methodological workflow tested in fractured platform carbonates (Island of Pag,Croatia) 110
Three-dimensional characterization of a crustal-scale fault zone: the Pusteria and Sprechenstein fault system (Eastern Alps). 109
3D modelling of an active normal fault network in the Apulian Plateau (offshore Capo Santa Maria di Leuca, Puglia, Italy). 109
Structural control on mass-movement evolution: a case study from the Vizze Valley, Italian eastern Alps 108
Fissural volcanism, polygenetic volcanic fields and crustal thickness in a compressional tectonic setting: the Payen Volcanic Complex on the central Andes foreland (Mendoza, Argentina) 107
Notice explicative - Carte Géologique du Maroc au 1/50000 - Feuille Boumalne 107
Carte Géologique du Maroc au 1/50000 - Feuille Taroucht 107
3D characterization of fracture networks in carbonates of the Gozo Island 106
3D modelling of complex structures and reliability estimates: the Brenner Basistunnel case study. 104
Gigantic individual lava flows in the andean foothill near Malargue (Argentina) 103
Hydraulic structure of a fault zone at seismogenic depths (Gole Larghe Fault Zone, Italian Southern Alps) 101
Localization of brittle/cataclastic deformation along extremely weak and anisotropic mylonites the Simplon Line (Western Alps) 101
Exhumation of the Alpine nappe stack 100
Fault Roughness at Seismogenic Depths from LIDAR and Photogrammetric Analysis 100
Carta geologica del transetto Val di Vizze – Fortezza (Alpi Orientali). 100
Reactivation of pre-existing mechanical anisotropies during polyphase tectonic evolution: slip tendency analysis as a tool to constrain mechanical properties of rocks 100
Quantitative fracture characterization in the damage zone of the Victoria Fault, Malta 99
Interpretation and processing of Aster data for geological mapping of the Precambrian Basement in the Saghro Massif (Eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco) 98
The Sprechenstein - Val di Mules Line: a tectonic linkage between Brenner and Pusteria fault-systems. 96
Structural setting and large landslides in upper Isarco valley (Italian Eastern Alps). 96
3D modelling and balancing of post-metamorphic brittle deformation in the Austroalpine-Penninic collisional wedge of the NW Alps 96
Late Alpine fault systems in the central-eastern Alps between Merano and Vipiteno: Preliminary results 95
The late-Alpine fault network of the Central-Eastern Alps 95
The association of cone–sheets and radial dykes: Data from the Isle of Skye (UK), numerical modelling, and implications for shallow magma chambers 95
Carte Géologique du Maroc au 1/50000 - Feuille Taghazout 95
If pseudotachylyte could talk. 94
3D geological modeling of an outcrop analogue in the Trento Platform 94
The Aosta-Ranzola and the Ospizio Sottile fault systems during the Oligocene-Present exhumation of the northwestern Alpine nappe-stack. 93
Tectonic investigation Strategies for the planning of the Brenner Base Tunnel. 93
3D modelling of the active normal fault network in the Apulian Ridge (Eastern Mediterranean Sea): Integration of seismic and bathymetric data with implicit surface methods 93
Studi ed indagini per la definizione delle caratteristiche idrogeologiche dell’acquifero termale di Prè St. Didier (AO) 92
The Sprechenstein-Maulser tal line: a new transfer fault of the Periadriatic system, eastern Alps south of the Tauern Window. 92
A comet in alpine style: How standard techniques for the reconstruction of geological structures, pioneered by Émile Argand, can help unravelling the evolution of the Solar System 91
A km-scale “triaxial experiment” reveals the extreme mechanical weakness and anisotropy of mica-schists (Grandes Rousses Massif, France) 91
Post-nappe brittle tectonics of the north-western Alps. 90
Carta Geologica d’Italia alla scala 1:50.000: F. 91 – Chatillon, Regione Valle d’Aosta. 90
Structural setting and large landslides in upper Isarco valley (Alto Adige). 90
Detailed statistical analysis of the Gole Larghe Fault Zone fracture network (Italian Southern Alps) improves estimates of the energy budget for intraplate earthquakes in basement rocks 90
3D multi-scale characterization and modeling of three fractured carbonatic outcrop analogues: Pag Croatia, Parmelan France, Gozo Maltese Islands 89
Modellazione 3D di filoni quarzo-auriferi a letto di una grande faglia normale post-metamorfica (faglia Aosta-Ranzola, Brusson, Valle d’Aosta) 88
3D modeling of fault-zone architecture and hydraulic structure along a major Alpine wrench lineament: the Pusteria Fault. 88
Three dimensional study of Lutetia's fault network 88
Dolomitization and over-dolomitization in the Vajont limestone (Dolomiti Bellunesi, Italy) controlled by Mesozoic normal faults: a microstructural and diagenesis study 88
3D modelling of a dolomitized syn-sedimentary fault system: an exhumed analogue of a hydrocarbon reservoir 88
Introduzione alla tettonica fragile neoalpina e sua influenza sull'instabilità dei versanti. 86
Structural analysis and 3D modelling of a potential analogue of hydrocarbon reservoirs: the Jurassic synsedimentary structure of M. Testo (Southern Alps, Italy) 86
Very long Pahoehoe inflated basaltic lava flows in the Payenia volcanic province (Mendoza and La Pampa, Argentina) 85
Tettonica Neoalpina nelle Alpi Nord-Occidentali. 85
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