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Molecular cloning of a recombinant retrovirus carrying a mutated envAKR-mycMH2 fusion gene immortalizing cells of the monocytic-macrophage lineage 1-gen-1994 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAFOTI, MARIACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Retroviral immortalization of phagocytic and dendritic cell clones as a tool to investigate functional heterogeneity 1-gen-1994 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAFOTI, MARIACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Modulation of cytokine expression in mouse dendritic cell clones 1-ott-1994 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAFOTI, MARIACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Ig-specific T cell receptor-transgenic T cells are not deleted in the thymus and are functional in vivo 1-gen-1996 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAFOTI, MARIACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Self gamma2a(b) protein is presented in vivo by gamma2a(b) B cells but not by dendritic cells 1-gen-1997 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAFOTI, MARIACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Rabbit monoclonal Fab derived from a phage display library 1-gen-1998 FOTI, MARIAGRANUCCI, FRANCESCACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Interaction of Dendritic Cells with bacteria 1-gen-1999 CITTERIO, STEFANIAFOTI, MARIAGRANUCCI, FRANCESCACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Retroviral gene transfer, rapid selection, and maintenance of the immature phenotype in mouse dendritic cells 1-gen-1999 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCACITTERIO, STEFANIACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Early events in dendritic cell maturation induced by LPS 1-gen-1999 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAFOTI, MARIACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Coordinated events during bacteria-induced DC maturation 1-gen-1999 Granucci, FCitterio, SFoti, MCastagnoli, P +
Upon dendritic cell (DC) activation chemokines and chemokine receptor expression are rapidly regulated for recruitment and maintenance of DC at the inflammatory site 1-gen-1999 FOTI, MARIAGRANUCCI, FRANCESCACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Inducible IL-2 production by dendritic cells revealed by global gene expression analysis 1-gen-2001 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAMORO, GIORGIOCASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Dendritic cell regulation of immune responses: a new role for interleukin 2 at the intersection of innate and adaptive immunity 1-gen-2003 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAZANONI, IVAN +
A contribution of mouse dendritic cell-derived IL-2 for NK cell activation 1-gen-2004 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAZANONI, IVANCASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
A type I IFN-dependent pathway induced by Schistosoma mansoni eggs in mouse myeloid dendritic cells generates an inflammatory signature 1-gen-2004 Granucci, FRicciardi-Castagnoli, P +
The regulatory role of dendritic cells in the immune response 1-lug-2004 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCAZANONI, IVANCASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
The European dimension for the mouse genome mutagenesis program 1-set-2004 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
A central role for tissue-resident dendritic cells in innate responses 1-dic-2004 FOTI, MARIAGRANUCCI, FRANCESCACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA
A power law global error model for the identification of differentially expressed genes in microarray data 17-dic-2004 GRANUCCI, FRANCESCACASTAGNOLI, PAOLA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 114
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