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LGM-Holocene changes and Holocene millennial-scale oscillations of dust particles in the EPICA Dome C ice core, East Antarctica 1-gen-2002 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Glacial to Holocene implications of the new 27000-year dust record from the EPICA Dome C (East Antarctica) ice core 1-gen-2002 Delmonte, BMaggi, V. +
Sr-Nd signature of potential source areas for dust in East Antarctica: Preliminary results 1-gen-2002 Delmonte, BMaggi, V +
Refining the isotopic (Sr-Nd) signature of potential source areas for glacial dust in East Antarctica 1-gen-2003 Delmonte, BMaggi, V +
Elemental composition (Si, Fe, Ti) of atmospheric dust over the last 220 kyr from the EPICA ice core (Dome C, Antarctica) 1-gen-2004 MAGGI, VALTERDELMONTE, BARBARA +
First characterization and dating of East Antarctic bedrock inclusion form subglacial Lake Vostok accretion ice 1-gen-2004 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Comparing the Epica and Vostok dust records during the last 220,000 years: stratigraphical correlation and provenance in glacial periods 1-giu-2004 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Eight glacial cycles from an Antarctic ice core 10-giu-2004 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTEROROMBELLI, GIUSEPPE MARIA +
Dust size evidence for opposite regional atmospheric circulation changes over east Antarctica during the last climatic transition 1-set-2004 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Characteristics and sources of tephra layers in the EPICA-Dome C ice record (East Antarctica): Implication for past atmospheric circulation and ice core stratigraphic correlations 1-gen-2005 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Ice core evidence for secular variability and 200-year dipolar oscillations in atmospheric circulation over East Antarctica during the Holocene 1-mag-2005 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Secular variability and 200-year dipolar oscillations in atmospheric circulation over East Antarctica during the Holocene 1-gen-2006 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Variability of anthropogenic and natural compounds in high altitude-high accumulation alpine glaciers 1-giu-2006 MAGGI, VALTERVILLA, SARAFINIZIO, ANTONIODELMONTE, BARBARA +
One-to-one coupling of glacial climate variability in Greenland and Antarctica 9-nov-2006 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Chronology and Climate Forcing of the Last Four Interglacials 1-gen-2007 DELMONTE, BARBARA +
Late Quaternary Interglacials in East Antarctica from ice core dust records 1-gen-2007 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Aeolian dust in East Antarctica (EPICA-Dome C and Vostok): Provenance during glacial ages over the last 800 kyr 1-gen-2008 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
First combined total X-Ray Reflection Fluorescence and Grazing Incidence X-Ray absorption Spectroscopy characterization of aeolian dust archived in Antarctica and Alpine deep ice cores 1-gen-2008 MAGGI, VALTERSALA, MARCODELMONTE, BARBARAALBANI, SAMUEL +
The Late Quaternary EPICA-Dome C ice core dust record 1-gen-2008 DELMONTE, BARBARAMAGGI, VALTER +
Comments on 'Dust Provenance in Antarctic Ice during Glacial Periods: from where in Southern South America?' by D.M. Gaiero and implication on the origin of dust in East Antarctica during recent interglacial periods 1-gen-2008 DELMONTE, BARBARA +
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