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Titolo Tipologia Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Three-Valued Logics, Uncertainty Management and Rough Sets 01 - Articolo su rivista 2014 CIUCCI, DAVIDE ELIO +
A three-wave study of job resources, self-efficacy and work engagement among Italian schoolteachers 01 - Articolo su rivista 2011 SIMBULA, SILVIA +
Three-way active learning through clustering selection 01 - Articolo su rivista 2020 Ciucci, D +
Three-Way and Semi-supervised Decision Tree Learning Based on Orthopartitions 02 - Intervento a convegno 2018 Campagner, ACiucci, D
Three-way decision and conformal prediction: Isomorphisms, differences and theoretical properties of cautious learning approaches 01 - Articolo su rivista 2021 Campagner A.Cabitza F.Ciucci D. +
Three-Way Decision for Handling Uncertainty in Machine Learning: A Narrative Review 02 - Intervento a convegno 2020 Campagner, AndreaCabitza, FedericoCiucci, Davide
Three-way Learnability: A Learning Theoretic Perspective on Three-way Decision 02 - Intervento a convegno 2022 Campagner A.Ciucci D.
The three-way-in and three-way-out framework to treat and exploit ambiguity in data 01 - Articolo su rivista 2020 Campagner, AndreaCabitza, FedericoCiucci, Davide
Three-year follow-up and quality of life of endovenous radiofrequency ablation of the great saphenous vein with the ClosureFast™ procedure: Influence of BMI and CEAP class 01 - Articolo su rivista 2018 Tolva V. S.Parati G. +
A three-year longitudinal study of healthy lifestyle behaviors and adherence to pharmacological treatments in newly diagnosed patients with acute coronary syndrome: hierarchical linear modeling analyses 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 D'Addario M.Maloberti A.Giannattasio C.Steca P. +
Three-year National report from the Gruppo Italiano di Ortogeriatria (GIOG) in the management of hip-fractured patients 01 - Articolo su rivista 2020 Ferrara M. C.Andreano A.Tassistro E.Cazzulani I.Gandossi C.Valsecchi M. G.Bellelli G. +
Three-year outcomes after carotid artery revascularization: Gender-related differences 01 - Articolo su rivista 2019 Tolva V. S.Parati G. +
Three-year Outcomes in de Novo Liver Transplant Patients Receiving Everolimus with Reduced Tacrolimus: Follow-Up Results from a Randomized, Multicenter Study 01 - Articolo su rivista 2015 De Carlis, Luciano +
Three-year results after neoadjuvant chemotherapy, radical surgery, and radiotherapy in locally advanced cervical carcinoma 01 - Articolo su rivista 1993 Landoni, F +
Three-Year Update of Tisagenlecleucel in Pediatric and Young Adult Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in the ELIANA Trial 01 - Articolo su rivista 2023 Balduzzi, Adriana +
Three-year-olds' rapid facial electromyographic responses to emotional facial expressions and body postures 01 - Articolo su rivista 2016 QUADRELLI, ERMANNOCONTE, STEFANIACROCI, EMANUELATURATI, CHIARA +
Three‐dimensional vorticity and time‐constrained evolution of the Main Central Thrust zone, Garhwal Himalaya (NW India) 01 - Articolo su rivista 2020 Montemagni, ChiaraFusi, NicolettaVilla, Igor M.Zanchetta, Stefano +
Three–dimensional rock fall simulation in the mining environment using Hy_Stone 02 - Intervento a convegno 2011 AGLIARDI, FEDERICOCROSTA, GIOVANNI +
Three–Way Classification: Ambiguity and Abstention in Machine Learning 02 - Intervento a convegno 2019 Campagner A.Cabitza F.Ciucci D.
Threshold and Target for Blood Pressure Lowering in the Elderly 01 - Articolo su rivista 2016 GRASSI, GUIDOQUARTI TREVANO, FOSCA ANNA LUISACASATI, ANNADELL'ORO, RAFFAELLA
Mostrati risultati da 104.708 a 104.727 di 112.834
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