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OEM buying process for new components: Purchasing and marketing implications 1-gen-1985 Matthyssens P. +
Getting closer and nicer: partnerships in the supply chain 1-gen-1994 Matthyssens P. +
Creating competitive advantage in industrial services 1-gen-1998 Matthyssens P. +
A strategy process perspective on export withdrawal 1-gen-1999 Matthyssens P. +
The pursuit of global purchasing synergy 1-gen-2000 Matthyssens P. +
Reframing internationalization theory: An introduction 1-gen-2001 Matthyssens P. +
Toward a (more) dynamic theory of internationalization: International market withdrawal as empirical extreme 1-gen-2001 Matthyssens P. +
Buyer profiles: An empirical investigation of changing organizational requirements 1-gen-2001 Matthyssens P. +
Limits of internationalization theories in an unlimited world 1-gen-2002 Matthyssens P. +
The dynamics of international market withdrawal 1-gen-2003 Matthyssens P. +
Cognition-in-context: Reorienting research in business market strategy 1-gen-2003 Matthyssens P. +
Barriers to strategic innovation in industrial markets 1-gen-2004 Matthyssens P. +
Strategic flexibility in export expansion: Growing through withdrawal 1-gen-2004 Matthyssens P. +
A technological contingency perspective on the depth and scope of international outsourcing 1-gen-2004 Matthyssens P. +
The architecture of multiple case study research in international business 1-gen-2004 Matthyssens P. +
Purchasing internationalisation on both sides of the Atlantic 1-gen-2005 Matthyssens P. +
Strategic flexibility, rigidity and barriers to the development of absorptive capacity in business markets: Themes and research perspectives 1-gen-2005 Matthyssens P. +
The global purchasing challenge: A look back and a look ahead 1-gen-2006 Matthyssens P. +
Building competences for new customer value creation: An exploratory study 1-gen-2006 Matthyssens P. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 71
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