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Voice and data performance measurements in L-express net 1-gen-1986 PEZZE', MAURO +
Validation of Concurrent ADA Programs using Symbolic Execution 1-gen-1989 PEZZE', MAURO +
A Unified High-Level Petri Net Formalism for Time-Critical Systems 1-gen-1991 PEZZE', MAURO +
Analyzing Refinements of State Based Specifications: The Case of TB Nets 1-gen-1993 PEZZE', MAURO +
Graph Models for Reachability of Concurrent Programs 1-gen-1995 PEZZE', MAURO +
Generation of Multi-Formalism State-Space Analysis Tools 1-gen-1996 PEZZE', MAURO +
Toward formalizing structured analysis 1-gen-1998 PEZZE', MAURO +
Can Graph Grammars Make Formal Methods more Human? 1-gen-2000 PEZZE', MAURO +
Automated Testing of Classes 1-gen-2000 PEZZE', MAURO +
Using Symbolic Execution for Verifying Safety-Critical Systems 1-gen-2001 DENARO, GIOVANNIPEZZE', MAURO +
Interclass Testing of Object Oriented Software 1-gen-2002 PEZZE', MAURO +
A formal design notation for real-time systems 1-gen-2002 PEZZE', MAURO +
PLCTools: Graph Transformation Meets PLC Design 1-gen-2002 PEZZE', MAURO +
Deriving models of software fault-proneness 1-gen-2002 DENARO, GIOVANNIPEZZE', MAURO +
An empirical evaluation of fault-proneness models 1-gen-2002 Denaro, GPezzè, M
A toolbox for automating visual software engineering 1-gen-2002 PEZZE', MAURO +
Towards industrially relevant fault-proneness models 1-gen-2003 DENARO, GIOVANNIPEZZE', MAURO +
Self-Test Components for Highly Reconfigurable Systems 1-gen-2003 DENARO, GIOVANNIMARIANI, LEONARDOPEZZE', MAURO
6th International Conference on Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering, FASE 2003 Held as Part of the Joint European Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2003 1-gen-2003 PEZZE', MAURO
Design for Testability for Highly Reconfigurable Component-Based Systems 1-gen-2003 DENARO, GIOVANNIPEZZE', MAURO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 139
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