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Household Characteristics and the Distribution of Income in Italy: an Application of Social Distance Measures 1-gen-2001 D'Ambrosio, C
Social Distance between Workers: an Application to Italian Geographic Areas 1-gen-2001 D'Ambrosio, C
Income Distribution and Social Exclusion. Evidence from Italy and Spain in the 1990s 1-gen-2003 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Reddito, distribuzione del 1-gen-2005 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Is Wealth Becoming More Polarized in the United States? 1-gen-2006 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Reference Groups and Individual Deprivation 1-gen-2006 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Income Satisfaction and Relative Deprivation: An Empirical Link. 1-gen-2006 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
The measurement of social exclusion 1-set-2006 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Deprivation and Social Exclusion 1-gen-2007 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Dynamic measures of individual deprivation 1-gen-2007 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Deprivation in the Sao Paulo Districts: Evidence from 2000 1-gen-2008 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Generalized Gini Occupational Segregation Indices 1-gen-2009 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Material Deprivation: an Application to Italian Regions 1-gen-2009 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
A Generalized Index of Fractionalization 1-gen-2009 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
A Survey on Income Deprivation 1-gen-2010 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA
Polarization Orderings of Income Distributions 1-gen-2010 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Deprivation, Social Exclusion and Subjective Well-Being 1-gen-2011 D'ambrosio, C. +
Multidimensional Approaches to Poverty Measurement: An Empirical Analysis of Poverty in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, based on the European Panel 1-gen-2011 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
A generalized index of fractionalization 1-gen-2011 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Poverty and Time 1-gen-2012 D'AMBROSIO, CONCHITA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 25
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