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MRX-dependent DNA damage response to short telomeres 1-ago-2007 BONETTI, DIEGOLUCCHINI, GIOVANNALONGHESE, MARIA PIA +
Multiple pathways regulate 3’ overhang generation at S. cerevisiae telomeres 1-gen-2009 BONETTI, DIEGOCLERICI, MICHELALUCCHINI, GIOVANNALONGHESE, MARIA PIA +
DNA double-strand breaks in meiosis: Checking their formation, processing and repair 2-set-2009 LONGHESE, MARIA PIABONETTI, DIEGOGUERINI, ILARIAMANFRINI, NICOLACLERICI, MICHELA
The MRX complex plays multiple functions in resection of Yku- and Rif2-protected DNA ends 1-gen-2010 BONETTI, DIEGOCLERICI, MICHELAMANFRINI, NICOLALUCCHINI, GIOVANNALONGHESE, MARIA PIA
Mechanisms and regulation of DNA end resection 1-gen-2010 LONGHESE, MARIA PIABONETTI, DIEGOMANFRINI, NICOLACLERICI, MICHELA
Shelterin-like proteins and Yku inhibit nucleolytic processing of S. cerevisiae telomeres 1-mag-2010 BONETTI, DIEGOCLERICI, MICHELALUCCHINI, GIOVANNALONGHESE, MARIA PIA +
Rif1 supports the function of the CST complex in yeast telomere capping 1-gen-2011 ANBALAGAN, SAVANIBONETTI, DIEGOLUCCHINI, GIOVANNALONGHESE, MARIA PIA
A balance between Tel1 and Rif2 activities regulates nucleolytic processing and elongation at telomeres 1-gen-2012 MARTINA, MARINACLERICI, MICHELABALDO, VERONICABONETTI, DIEGOLUCCHINI, GIOVANNALONGHESE, MARIA PIA
The role of shelterin in maintaining telomere integrity 1-gen-2012 LONGHESE, MARIA PIABONETTI, DIEGO +
Tbf1 and Vid22 promote resection and non-homologous end joining of DNA double-strand break ends. 1-gen-2013 BONETTI, DIEGOANBALAGAN, SAVANILUCCHINI, GIOVANNACLERICI, MICHELALONGHESE, MARIA PIA
Telomere-end processing: mechanisms and regulation 1-gen-2013 BONETTI, DIEGOLONGHESE, MARIA PIA +
The General Regulatory Factor Tbf1 and its interacting protein Vid22 promote repair of DNA double-strand breaks 1-giu-2013 CLERICI, MICHELABONETTI, DIEGOANBALAGAN, SAVANILUCCHINI, GIOVANNALONGHESE, MARIA PIA
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rif1 cooperates with MRX-Sae2 in promoting DNA-end resection 1-gen-2014 MARTINA, MARINABONETTI, DIEGOVILLA, MATTEOLUCCHINI, GIOVANNALONGHESE, MARIA PIA
Escape of Sgs1 from Rad9 inhibition reduces the requirement for Sae2 and functional MRX in DNA end resection 1-gen-2015 BONETTI, DIEGOVILLA, MATTEOGOBBINI, ELISACASSANI, CORINNETEDESCHI, GIULIALONGHESE, MARIA PIA
Coupling end resection with the checkpoint response at DNA double-strand breaks 1-gen-2016 VILLA, MATTEOCASSANI, CORINNEGOBBINI, ELISABONETTI, DIEGOLONGHESE, MARIA PIA
Functions and regulation of the MRX complex at DNA double-strand breaks 1-gen-2016 GOBBINI, ELISACASSANI, CORINNEVILLA, MATTEOBONETTI, DIEGOLONGHESE, MARIA PIA
Telomere Length Determines TERRA and R-Loop Regulation through the Cell Cycle 1-gen-2017 BONETTI, DIEGO +
Regulation of telomere metabolism by the RNA processing protein Xrn1 1-gen-2017 Cesena, DCassani, CBonetti, DLonghese, M +
Rad9/53BP1 protects stalled replication forks from degradation in Mec1/ATR-defective cells 1-gen-2018 Villa, MBonetti, DLonghese, Maria P +
Increased TERRA levels and RNase H sensitivity are conserved hallmarks of post-senescent survivors in budding yeast 1-gen-2018 Bonetti, D +
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