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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori
3d SCFTs from S-duality walls 1-feb-2021 GAROZZO, IVAN
A Brugada syndrome mutation (S216L) and its modulation by H558R polymorphism: standard and dynamic characterization 17-dic-2010 MARANGONI, STEFANO FEDERICO
A Causal Graphs - based approach for assessing gender disparities: an application to child health & nutrition in China 21-gen-2014 CALIGARIS, SILVIA
A cognitive approach to deception detection: multimodal recognition of prepared lies 10-set-2014 DIANA, BARBARA
A combined computational and experimental study of spectroscopic evidences by dopants and defects in semiconducting and insulating oxides 13-gen-2012 GALLINO, FEDERICO
A comparative analysis of nonparametric volatility estimators: an empirical evidence using option pricing on standard and poor's 500 22-feb-2012 KENMOE SIYOU, ROMUALD NOEL
A DFT and QM/MM Investigation on Models Related to the [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Active Site 5-dic-2007 GRECO, CLAUDIO
A dynamical perspective on cold-adapted enzymes at the molecolar level 15-dic-2009 PASI, MARCO
A geomorphometric approach to assess multi-scale spatial distribution and geomorphological characterization of benthic habitats 2-mar-2016 MARCHESE, FABIO
A model for the evaluation of graduates' first long-term job on labour market history 25-gen-2011 ROMEO, ISABELLA
A Model of Selective Advantage for the Efficient Inference of Cancer Clonal Evolution 22-feb-2016 RAMAZZOTTI, DANIELE
A network approach for opinion dynamics and price formation 13-dic-2013 D'ERRICO, MARCO
A neural network potential for the phase change material gete: large scale molecular dynamics simulations with close to ab initio accuracy 24-gen-2013 SOSSO, GABRIELE CESARE
A novel population of embryonic endothelial derived progenitors contributes to multiple mesodermal lineages during development and muscle regeneration 28-mar-2011 AZZONI, EMANUELE
‘A perfumed brain’. Crossmodal Correspondences in Taste and Smell Perception and Memory. 15-feb-2017 RISSO, PAOLA
A protein-based biorefinery for bulk chemicals production 7-feb-2013 LONGO, VALERIA
A screen for synthetic phenotypes reveals new Sae2 functions and interactions in the repair of DNA double-strand breaks 25-feb-2016 GOBBINI, ELISA
A successful experimental model for intimal hyperplasia prevention using a resveratrol delivering balloon. 4-mar-2015 TOLVA, VALERIO STEFANO
A theoretical and empirical contribution to the study of the psychological factors that may predict faster HIV progression within a psychoimmunology and health psychology prospective 24-gen-2013 NORCINI PALA, ANDREA
"A truly liberal" practical education. Science communication and citizenship from the age of steam to the knowledge society: a lesson of modernity from the works and ideas of Joseph Priestley and the Birmingham Lunar Society 30-gen-2012 CECI, CHIARA
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 2.384
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