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LC-MS and GC-MS Data Fusion Metabolomics Profiling Coupled with Multivariate Analysis for the Discrimination of Different Parts of Faustrime Fruit and Evaluation of Their Antioxidant Activity 01 - Articolo su rivista 2023 Ciro CannavacciuoloStefania PagliariChiara Maria GiustraWerther Guidi NissimPaola BranduardiMassimo LabraLuca Campone +
Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum J. Presl) Bark Extract after In Vitro Digestion Simulation 01 - Articolo su rivista 2023 Stefania PagliariMatilde ForcellaElena LonatiGrazia SaccoPaola FusiPaola PalestiniLuca CamponeMassimo LabraAlessandra BulbarelliIlaria Bruni +
Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NADESs) Combined with Sustainable Extraction Techniques: A Review of the Green Chemistry Approach in Food Analysis 01 - Articolo su rivista 2023 Cannavacciuolo C.Pagliari S.Frigerio J.Giustra C. M.Labra M.Campone L.
A Fast and Simple DNA Mini-barcoding and RPA Assay Coupled with Lateral Flow Assay for Fresh and Canned Mackerel Authentication 01 - Articolo su rivista 2023 Frigerio J.De Mattia F.Labra M.Mezzasalma V. +
Mimicking orchids lure bees from afar with exaggerated ultraviolet signals 01 - Articolo su rivista 2023 Guzzetti L.Tommasi N.Biella P.Galimberti A.Labra M.Bruni I. +
Beyond Cleansing: Ecosystem Services Related to Phytoremediation 01 - Articolo su rivista 2023 Guidi Nissim W.Guarino F.Labra M. +
Tree tracking: species selection and traceability for sustainable and biodiversity-friendly urban reforestation 01 - Articolo su rivista 2023 Frigerio J.Ouled Larbi M.Grassi F.Labra M.Guidi Nissim W. +
The effectiveness of nudging interventions to promote healthy eating choices: A systematic review and an intervention among Italian university students 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Labra M.Palestini P.Rossetti M. +
Natural Products from Mangroves: An Overview of the Anticancer Potential of Avicennia marina 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Cerri, FedericoGiustra, MarcoTomaino, GiuliaGalli, PaoloLabra, MassimoCampone, LucaColombo, Miriam +
First report on Vitamin B9 production including quantitative analysis of its vitamers in the yeast Scheffersomyces stipitis 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Mastella, LucaSenatore, Vittorio GGuzzetti, LorenzoCampone, LucaLabra, MassimoBranduardi, Paola +
Could microalgae be a strategic choice for responding to the demand for omega-3 fatty acids? A European perspective 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Magoni, ChiaraBertacchi, StefanoGiustra, Chiara MariaGuzzetti, LorenzoFerrari, MichelePorro, DaniloBranduardi, PaolaLabra, Massimo +
Coffee-Derived Phenolic Compounds Activate Nrf2 Antioxidant Pathway in I/R Injury In Vitro Model: A Nutritional Approach Preventing Age Related-Damages 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Lonati E.Carrozzini T.Bruni I.Botto L.Cazzaniga E.Labra M.Palestini P.Bulbarelli A. +
Effect of urbanization and its environmental stressors on the intraspecific variation of flight functional traits in two bumblebee species 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Tommasi N.Pioltelli E.Biella P.Labra M.Casiraghi M.Galimberti A.
The Role of Selected Psychological Factors in Healthy-Sustainable Food Consumption Behaviors during the COVID-19 Pandemic 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Zanatta, FrancescoMari, SilviaAdorni, RobertaLabra, MassimoMatacena, RaffaeleZenga, MariangelaD’Addario, Marco
DNA metabarcoding unveils the effects of habitat fragmentation on pollinator diversity, plant-pollinator interactions, and pollination efficiency in Maldive islands 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Tommasi N.Biella P.Maggioni D.Fallati L.Agostinetto G.Labra M.Galli P.Galimberti A.
The Microbiome of the Built Environment: The Nexus for Urban Regeneration for the Cities of Tomorrow 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Bruno, AFumagalli, SGhisleni, GLabra, M
Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction of naturally occurring glucosinolates from by-products of Camelina sativa L. and their effect on human colorectal cancer cell line 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Pagliari, SGiustra, CMMagoni, CFusi, PForcella, MPanzeri, DCampone, LLabra, M +
Extraction of methylxanthines by pressurized hot water extraction from cocoa shell by-product as natural source of functional ingredient 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Pagliari S.Sacco E.Labra M.Campone L. +
SKIOME Project: a curated collection of skin microbiome datasets enriched with study-related metadata 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Agostinetto G.Bozzi D.Porro D.Casiraghi M.Labra M.Bruno A.
City climate and landscape structure shape pollinators, nectar and transported pollen along a gradient of urbanization 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Biella, PaoloTommasi, NicolaGuzzetti, LorenzoPioltelli, EmilianoLabra, MassimoGalimberti, Andrea
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