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Titolo Tipologia Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Contrasting ageism in research on older adults and digital technologies. A methodological reflection 03 - Contributo in libro 2023 Melis, GSala, EZaccaria, D +
Remote recruiting and video-interviewing older people: a research note on a qualitative case study carried out in the first Covid-19 Red Zone in Europe 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Melis, GiuliaSala, EmanuelaZaccaria, Daniele
The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Researching Older People During the Covid-19 Pandemic 03 - Contributo in libro 2022 Melis, GSala, EZaccaria, D
The digital skills of older workers in Italy [Le competenze digitali dei lavoratori anziani in Italia] 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 Daniele ZaccariaEmanuela SalaChiara Respi
I turned to Facebook to know when they would open the cemetery"... Results from a qualitative case study on older people’s social media use during Covid-19 lockdown in Italy 01 - Articolo su rivista 2021 Melis, GSala, EZaccaria D
Survey participation to the first Wave of a longitudinal study of older people: the case of the Italian InveCe.Ab study 01 - Articolo su rivista 2020 Sala, EZaccaria, D +
Assessing the impact of Social Networking Site use on older people's loneliness and social isolation. A randomized controlled trial: The Aging in a Networked Society-Social Experiment Study (ANS-SE) 01 - Articolo su rivista 2020 Zaccaria, DanieleCerati, GabrieleSala, Emanuela +
The Doll Therapy Study on Efficacy for People with Dementia Living in Nursing Homes: Preliminary Results from a Randomized Single-Blind Controlled Trial 02 - Intervento a convegno 2019 Bani, MarcoZaccaria, Daniele +
I contratti di rete in Lombardia 03 - Contributo in libro 2016 Negrelli, SZaccaria, D
Assessing Wave 1 Non-response Bias in a Longitudinal Study of Elderly People in Italy. Does Gender Matter? Results of the InveCe.Ab Study 02 - Intervento a convegno 2016 ZACCARIA, DANIELESALA, EMANUELA MARIA +
Older workers’ employability in Europe. Analysing the role of human capital in sustaining employability in later life 01 - Articolo su rivista 2015 ZACCARIA, DANIELEGaravaglia, Emma
Effetti della crisi e dinamiche occupazionali in Italia e in Europa 01 - Articolo su rivista 2010 FELLINI, IVANAZACCARIA, DANIELE
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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