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Titolo Tipologia Data di pubblicazione Autori File
3-Nitrocoumarin is an efficient inhibitor of budding yeast phospholipase-C 01 - Articolo su rivista 2001 BANFI, STEFANOCOCCETTI, PAOLATISI, RENATA ANITAMARTEGANI, ENZO
The 68 kDa subunit of mammalian cleavage factor I interacts with the U7 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein and participates in 3′-end processing of animal histone mRNAs 01 - Articolo su rivista 2010 Barabino S. M. L. +
Activation of amyloid precursor protein processing by growth factors is dependent on Ras GTPase activity 01 - Articolo su rivista 2011 AMIGONI, LOREDANACERIANI, MICHELABELOTTI, FIORELLAMARTEGANI, ENZO +
Activation state of the Ras2 protein and glucose-induced signalling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 01 - Articolo su rivista 2004 COLOMBO, SONIAMARTEGANI, ENZO +
AHR Ligands: Promiscuity in Binding and Diversity in Response 03 - Contributo in libro 2011 FRACCALVIERI, DOMENICOBONATI, LAURA +
Altered expression of mitochondrial NAD+ carriers influences yeast chronological lifespan by modulating cytosolic and mitochondrial metabolism 01 - Articolo su rivista 2018 Orlandi, IvanStamerra, GiuliaVai, Marina
AMPK Phosphorylation Is Controlled by Glucose Transport Rate in a PKA-Independent Manner 01 - Articolo su rivista 2021 Milanesi, RiccardoTripodi, FaridaVertemara, JacopoTisi, RenataCoccetti, Paola
Analysis of the gene expression profile of mouse male meiotic germ cells 01 - Articolo su rivista 2004 MERICO, DAVIDEMARTEGANI, ENZO +
ASPicDB: a database of annotated transcript and protein variants generated by alternative splicing 01 - Articolo su rivista 2011 BONIZZONI, PAOLARIZZI, RAFFAELLA +
Assays for Monitoring the Effects of Nicotinamide Supplementation on Mitochondrial Activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 03 - Contributo in libro 2020 Orlandi I.Vai M.
Bacterial load of periodontal pathogens among Italian patients with chronic periodontitis: A comparative study of three different areas 01 - Articolo su rivista 2016 LAURITANO, DORINA +
Beta catenin-independent activation of MyoD in presomitic mesoderm requires PKC and depends on Pax3 transcriptional activity 01 - Articolo su rivista 2007 BRUNELLI, SILVIA +
Budding yeast Swe1 is involved in the control of mitotic spindle elongation and is regulated by Cdc14 phosphatase during mitosis 01 - Articolo su rivista 2015 RASPELLI, ERICACASSANI, CORINNEFRASCHINI, ROBERTA +
Calcium homeostasis and signaling in fungi and their relevance for pathogenicity of yeasts and filamentous fungi 01 - Articolo su rivista 2016 TISI, RENATA ANITARIGAMONTI, MARCOGROPPI, SILVIABELOTTI, FIORELLA
Calcium signaling and sugar-induced activation of plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells. 01 - Articolo su rivista 2006 TISI, RENATA ANITAMARTEGANI, ENZO +
cAMP promotes the synthesis in early G1 of gp115, a yeast glycoprotein containing glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol 01 - Articolo su rivista 1990 GRANDORI, RITAVAI, MARINAALBERGHINA, LILIA +
Can a genetically-modified organism-containing diet influence embryo development? A preliminary study on pre-implantation mouse embryos 01 - Articolo su rivista 2008 BARABINO, SILVIA MARIA LUISA +
Cannabidiol Antiproliferative Effect in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer MDA-MB-231 Cells Is Modulated by Its Physical State and by IGF-1 01 - Articolo su rivista 2022 D’Aloia, AlessiaCeriani, MichelaTisi, RenataSacco, ElenaCosta, Barbara +
Carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone induced calcium signaling and activation of plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. 01 - Articolo su rivista 2008 TISI, RENATA ANITAMARTEGANI, ENZO +
The cell cycle modulated glycoprotein GP115 is one of the major yeast proteins containing glycosylphosphatidylinositol 01 - Articolo su rivista 1990 VAI, MARINAGRANDORI, RITAALBERGHINA, LILIA +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 209
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